What is Kink.com?

Kink.com is the premiere producer of fetish, BDSM and bondage content. We produce 22+ websites and pride ourselves on showing authentic interactions between our models. You can find out more about Kink.com by clicking here.

Where is Kink.com located?

Kink.com is based in San Francisco, CA and our offices and studios are located at the historic SF Armory. You can find out more about The Armory here.

What kind of models is Kink.com looking for?

Kink.com is looking for men, women and TS ladies that enjoy the activities we portray. Please check out our 22+ sites so you can let us know which ones appeal to you. Generally we are looking for men and women ages 18-35 that are HWP, but all body types and ages are welcome to apply.

How do I apply to be a Kink.com model?

Click here to apply.

If you are a straight male top you must be local to SF to be eligible to work. Send nude photos, your location and your proposed stage name to models@kink.com

Is BDSM experience a requirement?

BDSM experience is not a requirement to become a Kink.com model but an interest in BDSM is! All shoots are tailored to your limits and experience level.

What will I need to apply to be a model at Kink.com?

You need to be 18 years of age or older and be a legal U.S. citizen.

You’ll need recent clear nude shots of yourself in addition to filling out all fields on the application page that applies to you.

If you are a man or TS lady these need to include your face and a hands-free hard cock.

If you are a woman you’ll need to send a series of photos that show your whole body. Put on makeup and style your hair and feel free to wear high heels.

I don’t live in the US. Can I still apply to be a Kink.com model?

Kink.com hires models that are located within the continental US and are eligible to work here. However, international applicants are welcome to utilize Kink Live, our live cam website. You can find out more information about that here.

I live in the US, but not in San Francisco. Can I still apply to be a Kink.com model?

Kink.com pays for transportation and lodging while you are shooting with us. We will take care of all of the details so you can concentrate on being kinky!

Can I be masked/hooded for a shoot?

Kink.com does not obscure identities for shoots.

What does “bottoming” mean in the context of shooting for Kink.com?

Generally the person bottoming is the one being penetrated or dominated. For DivineBitches.com, TSSeduction.com and the KinkMen.com family of sites it means being fucked in the ass.

What is a “hands free erection”?

A hands free erection is requested in our male and ts lady applications. It is an erection that is unaided or obscured by hands. In other words, it’s a rock hard dick without your hands touching it.

Other companies I’ve worked with provided injections and/or male enhancement pills to help me stay hard. Does Kink.com do this as well?

At Kink.com you are responsible for your own physical wellbeing. We absolutely do not provide any pills or injections to help you maintain an erection.  Performers are expected to be able to complete the scene on their own.